Yesterday, I started off my day with a solid Kickboxing workout (it burns around 750 calories in an hour). I had my post workout meal of casein, fruits and my protein shake.
After that, the rest of the day was a nutritional disaster of sorts.
Sunday lunch was a buffet at Mainland China (one of my perennial favorite restaurants). I normally don’t eat buffets, preferring to order from the a la carté menu. However, buffet it was yesterday, and it was big. It is hard to escape the instinct to eat more and maximise the price for the meal. On top of that, you eat more than one dessert, which you normally would not.
Dinner was at a neighbor’s wedding party. It was one of those ‘Big Fat Indian Weddings’ with 257 dishes, and 45 different juices. Literally. It was insane, the amount of food available, and the number of waiters serving them.
This abundance of food, especially attractive and delicious dishes, made me lose my reserve once more, and I ate more than I should have.
Have a look:

The worst (or was it the best?) thing was my lack of remorse at the binge. I rationally examined the chart above, and I saw that I had exercised portion control even while eating processed grains (fried breads like parathas and kachoris/luchis). When I had binged, I had chosen relatively healthier options like sandesh (cottage cheese/casein dumplings). As a result, I had done not too well, but it could have been worse.
After dinner, I went on a fast. A mini-fast, really. Monday is a day I fast for 24 hours, but because I had a lot of carbohydrates yesterday, hunger bothered me today (carbs create cravings, unlike proteins and fats). I decided to break my fast at 18 hours. Good enough.
My meals were good, filling, and even included a couple of Hyderabadi cookies that I had with some macadamia nuts.
I satisfy my sweet craving by eating grapes with nuts. I was a little low on proteins, but I will make up for it tomorrow.
Have a look:
This simple example from my journal (courtesy Fitday) underlines this simple lesson:
Eating primal along with intermittent fasting can balance your single day binge. ‘Eating primal’ means not eating processed foods, eating natural foods of all sorts, not eating grains and sugars. Of course, I do take in a sweet or two every now and then, but this helps to keep me grounded to my lifestyle. A small defeat should not prevent you from winning the bigger war: the war to live healthier and slimmer.



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  2. “but because I had a lot of carbohydrates yesterday, hunger bothered me today”

    Ha! Told ya so… 😉

    You’re made of stronger stuff than I Doc. It was my birthday on the weekend (as you know) and I exercises control of neither the quality or quantity of food consumed.

    Good post!


  3. Adam,
    I just wish I were in an adjacent orbit to where you are, fitness wise….. I would not even bother about what I was eating with your levels of BF and fitness.

  4. Forgive me father for I am perinially sinning. These dinners are the bane of my life as also Mother Diary ice creams in summer.

    I shall start the no carbs thing again for another seven days. Keeping my fingers crossed. I want to feel good while I diet, not those silly cravings and pangs because the food you suggest is what I like. I think my body is yet to adjust to the new thyroid medicines etc.

    I shall keep at it.

  5. Okay so it did not mentioned Pom Grenade Juice.. Sigh..

    I’m off fitness mode, but normally raw brocolli/almond/raw spinach juice does the trick for me. It’s so disgusting you won’t feel hungry for the rest of the day.

    Good Luck!


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