Thanks to you, dear readers, the 7-Day Challenge is becoming part of the internet history (yeah, modesty is one of my many virtues), with even people in elite fitness groups like Crossfit following it. And so many others, in so many different backgrounds.
I have been reviled in some quarters for pushing something “temporary”, a “shortcut”, “unscientific” diet that you will be better off without.
Well, this (allegation and reason for not taking the Challenge) is better than many excuses for not living a healthier lifestyle, and this blog will deal with all such issues regularly.
I am feeling great, let me tell you.
My average billing (like my doctor’s fees) has been very moderate. I had around 1500 calories on every day. This is one of the great things about Intermittent Fasting: it allows you to eat a lot of good foods (which even health-conscious people NOT on diets don’t indulge), and you still find that you have not eaten too many calories. The steady caloric deficit leads to fat loss, but remember not to skip (and I am not talking about ropes) on your resistance exercises. Forget your treadmills, I am talking of squats, push-ups, and the kind. Even better if you can pull some serious iron.
IF has become such a desirable and easy lifestyle for me that I have started doing this thrice every week (without realising it), one each of 24 hours, 22 hours and 18 hours. I enjoy the mental and physical training and learning it involves. You don’t have to follow me, but a fast lasting 15 to 18 hours is a breeze, especially when you are asleep for half the time!
So, mid-week of the 7-Day Challenge, I am down by, I kid you not, 2 kgs. Yes, I know it must have been because I had a good BM before stepping on the weighing scale, or because I must have lost a lot of body fluids after my periods, and all that, but we shall find out by Monday! I don’t want you to feel bad if you do less, and it would be absolutely fine if you didn’t weigh yourself at all, but I did tell you I would lead the way, didn’t I?
I leave you with a couple of my favorite foods that are so healthy, full of nutrition, and a treat I savor every day (just to show you I can write bad English, as well). What are your favorite eats this week? Do comment, and remember to enjoy yourself. This challenge is only about changing what you enjoy, and making yourself healthier and stronger in the bargain.
Bloggers, let’s hear you!

(pics show fried ham and eggs with salad, chicken steak, and mixed fruits and nuts with casein (“Chhana” in Indian terms))



  1. Ive lost a pound and this would be the end of 4 days. Frankly, I dont have a craving for carbs and am liking bitter coffee, just made me reduce the number of times I drink coffee tho’

    Still not sure if I’d do the IF, but if I do, it should be tonight, coz my weekends are a drain energywise.
    Eating Doklas as we speak, and a few have said my skin’s got a ‘glow’.
    Liars all of them.

  2. Rads:
    Great going, and keep at it. IF, I repeat, is a breeze, if you get over the horrors of “OMG! I am NOT EATING! Help, what will happen? I will feel hungry!” As if hunger (which is the topic of the next post or so) is like severe colic, a feeling of dread that should be avoided like a cockroach or something. I enjoy my hunger these days. I tell myself, “That is the feeling of your fat burning”!

  3. Ah no doc, it isn’t the hunger am scared of. I can go hungry all morning and eat when I rush home at 3.30 after work and I have many days, it’s the mental block I have with regards to prepping to fast.

    I know, complicated 🙂

  4. SixPackDoc gets into WordPress’s Blog of the Day – a list of Top Growing ones? I thought the 7-day challenge was about Reducing not Growing!

    Anyways, congratulations doc! This is super-terrific news!

  5. I am feeling good too. My favourite food this week has been chick pea salad( boiled chana with onions, tomatoes, cucumber, salt lemon and chat masala), moong sprouts salad and paneer tikka.
    I cheated twice and had roti with vegetables twice for breakfast during the week. I would step on the scale on Monday to check the final result.

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