I was among an elite group of health and fitness bloggers (from whom I learn on a daily basis) contributing to Fitness Guru DR at his blog Health Habits.
This is my contribution, and check out those of others by clicking this link:

“Indians are always geared to recession, though you may not understand that from the media reports of a resurgent and shining India. Indians are generally conscious of not wasting money, especially while giving it off to people (ask me, I have to take my fees out from my patients through their body orifices!). But, in these difficult times, being careful with your money is a policy that resonates easily with everyone here. We are all finally in one recession-hit global village today!
I have some suggestions:
1. Spend money on a good trainer. Yes, sounds contradictory to the preamble, isn’t it? Look at the alternative: you spend hours, weeks and even years on magic foods, magic machines and magic pills that will “blast away fat, melt those love handles, give you six-packs”, yada, yada, yada. Doesn’t that cost you money, to say nothing about how much money you lose in lost time and productivity? Instead, a good trainer will give you results that will be the cheapest option for you. Both in the short and the long term.
2. Don’t take a membership in a commercial gym if you can’t afford one. Even if it is a way off, try to find a small gym with rough-and-tough ways of doing workouts, usually cheaper.
3. No gym at all? No problem? Workout at home or in your backyard, using simple weights and bodyweight circuits. But many of you already know this.
4. Fast. I mean adopt the IF lifestyle (or any variant). Eating for four hours on your fasting days reduces the amount of money you spend on food.
5. Choose your foods and vices: I buy expensive foods like nuts, broccoli, avocado, meat, etc. while not spending money on pizza, ice cream, cookies, pastas. Not buying processed foods saves me money alright. Drinking only on occasions, and not smoking at all saves me more money than I can tell you, and let me tell you I used to smoke a lot! A bypass surgery can be a little too much for your pocket, especially if your insurance company folds (or you have no coverage).
6. Cook your own food: since I started my passage to fitness in life, I have found that it is better I cook my own meals. Each meal (and I do Italian, Chinese, Thai, and others) takes me a few minutes, usually, and is far healthier and cheaper than eating in restaurants. At least in my neck of the woods. I tailor my proteins, calories, and even the sodium (nah, I am not that anal!).
7. A corollary to that would be to make the same kind of healthy meals for the family, without having to make different foods for different members. In addition, it trains kids not to make daily demands (“I want fried chicken NOW!”) for every time they have a fancy for some snack. Tough luck, kiddo!
8. Don’t spend money on internet-based “buy now and watch the pounds melt away in seven days!“. Make it a policy to not spend money on anything unless you have exhausted all the free resources in the internet. Believe me, you ain’t seen nothin’ yet!
9. Don’t waste money on supplements: exceptions would be protein and fish oils. Eat enough real foods, and your workouts will take care of the rest. Another low-cost supplement option is chocolate milk. You could actually have cheap chocolate milk as a post-workout drink, rather than an expensive one with muscles on its jar. This is definitely evidence-based, and not some BS I am trying to pass off as my own!
10. Never go for routine check-ups/comprehensive health packages: they end up finding some or the other abnormality, and you end up spending more time and money trying to fix what did not need fixing. Examples include some shadow in a chest x-ray or mammogram, some lipid abnormality in the blood test, or some cells in a urine test. Note that this does not include tests specifically advised for you by your doctor, based on your risk profile, age and sex.
There you have it: ten ways to save money and stay healthy!”



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  2. really nice advice!!

  3. Perfect! I like the name of the blog. 😀

    Good advice. I have membership at the local county run gym than the fancy one. Less intimidating with model-like figures running around showing off, and also, convenience. No genuine excuse when the gym’s a 3 minute drive away.

    Looking forward to more posts here 🙂

  4. Great advice Doc. Thanks, keep up the social work.

  5. WoaH !
    Cool blog , looks like u took time out of ur super busy schedule
    Those are some good tips i follow almost all of them
    I have reduced my weight, thanks in part to your persuasiveness and my nephew, but what about some stubborn tummy fat that just doesnt want to leave?

    Lastly when will ur faithful female audience get to see the famed sixpacs?
    when are u posting a pic??

  6. Thanks for the sage advice! I am planning to start off on IF. And stay off the c2h5oh for a while.

  7. Practical tips!

    A week back I started to be conscious about my health and I intend it to be that way…

    Keep Blogging!!

  8. Nice to see you starting a new blog!

    And it’s off with a bang! I’m sure readers will get a bang for their buck…

  9. Keep blogging this stuff is amazing,

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